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Shri.N.K.Jose has written his first book "Muthalalitham Bharathathil" (Capitalism in Indian Context) and published at the age of 23... He has written and published more than 100 History books so far, and it is a record in the field of history literature in India. His books are published by his own publishing house"Hobby Publishers" which is also located near his residence at Vaikom.

The list of his books are shown below in the reverse Chronological Order. Some of the books are now 'out of stock' but for research purposes, he has kept some copies of all those books in his personal library.
Book Title (with meaning in English given in brackets)
Stock Position
2012 "Latest Book": Kerala Christavarum Dalit Janathayum (Christians of Kerala and the Dalit people) Available
2011 Ambedkar - 4th edition (Biography) Available
2011 Sree Padmanabha Kshethra Nidhi Aarudethu? (The Wealth of Padmanabha Temple Actually Belongs to Whom?) Available
2011 Buddha Dhammam Keralathil (History of Buddhism in Kerala) Available
2011 Swathi Thirunal Enna Ananthapuri Neechan ( Swathithirunal - The Cruel Ruler of Travancore) Available
2011 Diwan Monroe (Second Edition) Available
2011 Kerala Janathayum Pattanam Gaveshanavum ( The Archaeological Researches at Pattanam and the People of Kerala ) Available
2010 K RamakrishnaPilla Swadeshabhimaniyo? (Was K.Ramakrishnapillai ever be Patriotic?) Available
2010 Pandit K. P. Karuppan (Biography) Available
2010 Channar Lahala (The Mutiny of Channars of Travancore) Available
2009 Mahanaya Ayyankali (The Greatness of Ayyankali) Available
2009 Poykayil Yohannan Available
2009 Vasco-Da-Gama and Ayyankali (The relevance of Vasco-Da-Gama and Ayyankali in the Kerala History) Available
2009 Dr. Ambedkar -3rd edition Available
2009 Karutha America (The Black America) Available
2008 Dalit Samskara Srothass (The Source of Origin of Dalit Civilization of India) Available
2008 Pulaya Lahala (The Revolts and Complete History of Pulayas of Kerala) Available
2008 Vaikunta Swamikal (the life history of Late VaikuntaSwamikal) Available
2008 Karutha Keralam (The Black Kerala) Available
2007 Gandhivadham Oru Punarvayana (The Murder of Gandhi - A Re-reading) Available
2007 Guruvayur Oru Choondupalaka (Guruvayur-An Indication) Available
2007 Dalavakkulavum Vikkathe Christavarum (Dalava Pond and the Christians of Vaikom) Available
2006 Aaranu Videshikal? (Who are the foreign people of India) Available
2006 Kudavechoor Deshavum - Devalayavum ( Kudavechoor area and the KudavechoorChurch ) Available
2005 Vaikom Satyagraham-Oru Prahelika ( Vaikom Struggle-A Riddle) Available
2005 Gandhi, Gandhism,Dalithar ( Gandhi, Gandhism and Dalits) Available
2004 Kuttanaadinte Ithihasam ( The Epic of Kuttanad) Available
2004 Valmiki Oru Bouddhano.? ( Was Valmiki a Buddhist.?) Available
2004 Kerala ParasuRaman Pulaya Sathru (ParashuRam of Kerala is the Enemy of Pulayas) - Revised Edition Available
2004 Randu Swathanthrya Silpikalude Katha ( The tale of two Leaders of the Independence Struggle) Available
2003 VeluThampi (The truths about Diwan VeluThampi) -Revised Edition Available
2003 Muthanga Samaram (The truths of Muthanaga Struggle by the Tribals of Kerala) Out of Stock
2003 Sipaayi Lahala-Oru Dalit Munnettam (Sepoy Mutini - A Dalit Movement hijacked by Savarnas) Available
2002 AyyanKaali-Oru Paddhanam (AyyanKaali - An Analysis ) Available
2002 Ambedkarum Buddha Dharmavum ( Ambedkar and Buddha Dhamma) Available
2002 JyotiRao Phule (A biographical analysis about JyotiRao Phule) Available
2001 Raja Kesavadasan- Oru PunarVaayana (A revised reading on Diwan Raja Kesavadasan) Available
2001 Dalit Samoohya Navothanam-Oru Etthi Nottam (Dalit Social Renaissance-A Glimpse) Available
2001 Pazhassi Raja-Kerala MirJaffir ( Pazhassi Raja-Kerala's MirJaffir ) Available
2000 Desiya Samvaadam (A Debate on Nationalism) Available
2000 Dalit-Pinnokka Aikyam (Dalit-Backward Castes Unity) Out of Stock
2000 Guruvayur - Oru Choondu Palaka (Guruvayur Event - An Indication for Caution) Out of Stock
2000 AyyanKaali Jayanthi (Significance of AyyanKaali 's BirthDay) Out of Stock
2000 Charithrathe Vikruthamaakkaruthu (Don't Distort the History) Out of Stock
2000 Ambedkarum Dalit Sahityavum (Ambedkar and Dalit Literature) Out of Stock
2000 Dr.Ambedkar -Revised Edition Available
2000 Satyangal Mithyakalaakumo? (Will Truths be converted to just Myths..?) Out of Stock
2000 KshethraPraveshana Vilambaram-Oru Paaddha Bhedam (Temple Entry Proclamation - The Hidden Agenda) Available
1999 Jaathi Nirmoolanam Dr.Ambedkarude Drishtiyil (Annihilation of Caste-in Dr.Ambedkar's view point) Available
1999 Dalit Samskaram-Oru Aamukham (Dalit Civilization and Culture - A Preface) Available
1999 Charithram Avasanikkunnilla (History is not ending here) Out of Stock
1999 Vaikom Sathyagrahathile Pulaya Pankaalitham ( How Pulayas of Kerala participated in the Vaikom struggle) Out of Stock
1998 Keralathile Aadyathe Jaathi Viruddha Samaram ( Kerala's first anti-caste struggle) Available
1998 Godse Enthukondu Gandhijiye Vadhdhichchu? ( Why Godse Killed Gandhi?) Out of Stock
1998 Ambedkarum ManuSmrithiyum (Ambedkar and Manusmriti) Out of Stock
1997 Vayalar-Dalithar-Pathrose (Vayalar Struggle, Dalits and Mr.K.V.Pathrose) Available
1996 Christhava Dalitharum Samvaranavum ( Dalit Christians and Reservations) Out of Stock
1996 Vayalar Lahala (The Vayalar Mutini) Available
1996 Ezhava Memorial ( The Ezhava Memorandum) Available
1996 Christhava Dalit Prashnam Dr.Ambedkarude Drushtiyil (Dalit Christians in Dr.Ambedkar's View) Available
1996 Poona Karaar ( The Poona Pact) Available
1995 Saamoohya Navoththanam 19th Noottandile Keralathil ( Social Renaissance in 19th Century of Kerala) Available
1994 Onnamathayi Dalithar -Pinne Christhavar (First Dalits, then Christians) Available
1994 Ayyan Kaaliyude Matham ( The Religion of Ayyan Kaali) Out of Stock
1994 Saadhu Jana Paripaalana Sangham ( The movement started by Ayyan Kaali) Out of Stock
1994 Vaikom Sathyagrahathile Sathyangal ( The truths behind Vaikom Struggle) Out of Stock
1994 Bharatha Samskaaram - Chila Vichinthanangal ( Some thoughts about Indian Culture) Out of Stock
1994 Vaikom Sathyagrahathinte Maravil ( Behind the mask of Vaikom Struggle) Out of Stock
1994 Mathamalla, Jaathiyaanu Maulikam (Not religion, but caste is the basis) Out of Stock
1993 Jaathi Vyavasthayiloode Kerala Charithram ( Kerala's History through Caste System) Out of Stock
1993 Dalit Daiva Shasthram ( The Dalit Theology) Out of Stock
1993 Hindava Vargeeyathayude Akakkaambu (The core of Hindu Communalism) Out of Stock
1992 Gandhijiyude Maathruka? (Is Gandhi a model?) Out of Stock
1992 Kerala ParasuRaman Pulaya Sathru (ParashuRam of Kerala is the Enemy of Pulayas) Out of Stock
1992 Kaldaya Paithrukam Available
1991 Christhava Dalithar ( The Dalit Christians) Out of Stock
1991 Christhuvum Bharathavum ( Christ and India) Out of Stock
1991 Aruvippuram Prathishta ( The Idol Installation at Aruvippuram by Narayana Guru) Out of Stock
1991 Malayali Memorial ( The Malayali Memorandum) Out of Stock
1990 Dr.Ambedkar (Biography of Dr.Ambedkar) Out of Stock
1988 Ayyankaali (Biography of AyyanKaali) Out of Stock
1988 Vaikom Sathyagraham (Vaikom Struggle) Out of Stock
1988 Cardinal Joseph Parekkattil - Ente Drushtiyil (Cardinal Joseph Parekkattil - In my View) Out of Stock
1987 Keralathile Suriyani Sabhayude Udbhavam ( The Origin of Syrian Church in Kerala) Available
1987 The Zero Malabar Kurbanayude Charithram Available
1987 Knayithomman Oru Sathyamo?(Is Knayithomman a reality ?) Available
1986 Kshethra Praveshana Vilambaram (The Temple Entry Proclamation) Out of Stock
1986 Keralathile Catholica Almayar (Kerala's Catholic Almayars) Available
1985 Channar Lahala -Revised Edition (The Mutiny by Channar Community of Travancore) Out of Stock
1985 Mar Elias Yohannan Melus (a biography) Available
1985 Nazrani - Revised Edition (The Christian) Available
1984 Kudavechoor Palli (The Kudavechoor Church) Available
1984 Bharathathile Christhu Matham ( The Christian Religion in India) Out of Stock
1984 Jaathikku Karthavyan Geevarghese Available
1984 Mar Joseph Kariyatti Available
1984 Mar Thoma Rokos Available
1984 Knanaya? Out of Stock
1984 Nilakkal Out of Stock
1984 Nilakkal -Oru Samvaadam ( A debate on Nilakkal Issue) Out of Stock
1984 Diwan Monroe (The Diwan - Lord Monroe) Out of Stock
1982 Kudakkachira Antoney Kathanar Available
1982 Chila Kerala Sabha Charithra Prashnangal ( Some problems with the Kerala's Christian Church) Available
1982 Pulaya Lahala (The Mutiny by Pulayas of Kerala) Out of Stock
1981 Arnos Paathiri Out of Stock
1981 VeluThampi Dalawa (The truths about Diwan VeluThampi) Out of Stock
1979 Nidheerickal Maanikkathanar Out of Stock
1979 Channar Lahala ( The Mutiny by Channar Community of Travancore) Out of Stock
1978 Kerala Sabhayude Persian Bandham (The Persian Link of Kerala Church) Available
1977 Aadima Kerala Sabha (The earliest Kerala Church) Out of Stock
1976 Nazrani (The Christian) Available
1975 The Kerala Christhava Thamra Shaasanangal (The Edicts of Kerala Christian Church) Out of Stock
1972 Aradhana (The prayer ) Out of Stock
1972 Aadima Kerala Christhavar (The earliest Christians of Kerala) Out of Stock
1972 Samskarika India -Revised Edition ( The Cultural India) Out of Stock
1970 Aadima Kerala Christhavarude Aradhana Bhaasha (The prayer language of earliest Christians of Kerala) Out of Stock
1968 Indian Socialism ( The Indian version of Socialism) Out of Stock
1967 Prashna Keralam ( the problematic Kerala) Out of Stock
1965 Charithrathinte Thatwa Sasthram ( The philosophy of History) Out of Stock
1962 Samskarika India ( The Cultural India) Out of Stock
1960 Praja Socialist Partiyude Udayam ( The origin of P S P) Out of Stock
1958 Socialism Matha Virudhdhamo? (Is Socialism anti-Religious?) Out of Stock
1956 P S P Adhikarathil (The P S P in power) Out of Stock
1954 Congress Bharanam Otta Nottathil (The Congress Rule in a glance) Out of Stock
1952 Muthalalitham Bharathathil (Capitalism in Indian Context) Out of Stock