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The history we read is written by the exploiters...

The exploited mass have no past , Their history is hidden..!!

So, let us give them their true history...They will do the rest..


Free, Frank and Fearless…

Right from the childhood days, Shri.Jose showed keen sensitiveness and reactiveness towards injustice of any kind. This quality made him an outspoken , radical personality with uncompromising ethics.

In Search of Truth

Throughout his life, he showed his affinity towards truth, justice and towards the issues of the exploited sections of the society. He was always guided by his conscience and he never betrayed it. In his long and eventful journey of life, he realized that the exploited majority of the Indian society is undergoing a "Mental Enslavement". He rightly identifies that their poor physical conditions are the result of this "Mental Enslavement".

They were denied the right of education and knowledge by Savarnas, only to perform this "Mental Enslavement .They are ignorant of their past and they are ignorant about how they were mentally and physically ensalved over the past 3500 years and how they are getting enslaved even now with misleading faiths and ensalving beliefs..

So His Mission…To spread the truths…

So, his mission is to liberate them mentally…He believes in Dr.Ambedkar's diction:

" If a slave is made realized that he is a slave , then he will break his shackles".

He is therefore engaged in the mission to make the exploited mass of India (Dalits, Tribals, other backward sections and religious minorities) known about their past, and how they were enslaved and exploited . He also emphasises the need to expose their enemy to them since, the enemy is now hiding behind false history.

So he believes that 3 things are to be revealed to the masses as early as possible. They are:

1.The details about their enemy
2.The details about the exploitation process carried out in the past and what all they lost.
3.The details about the tool of mental enslavement (pseudo-religious-belief-faith systems)

Once these are delivered to their minds, they will do the rest…

Formation of Kerala History Congress

To materialize this dream, he has formed a platform with the above objectives in mind. He is engaged in day and night researches about the hidden historical facts.
The revealed facts are coming out in the form of Historical Books under his own banner "Hobby Publishers" and already more than 100 books have come out of his pen which itself is a record in India. To support this purpose, he is maintaing a very huge 'Research Library" (containing a very large collection of rare books and publications collected from different parts of the world) at his home which is perhaps the biggest one of its kind in Kerala.

Welcome to similar Minds..

Shri.Jose warmly welcomes all those having similar minds and having similar focus for the above said cause. Those who are ready to offer inputs and resources for the above cause can join his mission and the contact details are available in the contact section (or click on this link). Shri.Jose is also glad to offer all his possible helps and supports for those who are engaged in similar missions.