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Open approach towards life

Shri N.K. Jose's life is a highly peculiar one in many aspects.Basically he possesses an open outlook towards life and never hesitated to change the track of his life-journey whenever he realized that his life is deviating from the correct track. Throughout his life, he took special care to not to repeat a mistake a second time.This open approach to life has enabled him to remove all the "frameworks" or "barriers" of the society and to gain courage to think and to do whatever he felt right. He has come through different phases in this evolution from an ordinary young man from Vechoor village to a great historian called "DalitBandhu" as he is now.

Early Childhood

  Vechoor" is a green and beautiful village in Vaikom Taluk on the shores of the famous Vembanad Lake. His family name is "Namashivayam" and he was born as the son of Shri.Kurian and Smt.Mariam on February 2nd ,1929. A quite normal ordinary boy, he also had his schooling at the local schools viz. St.Michaels School, Devi Vilasom School, N.S.S Middle School and Govt.H S Cherthala (Famous poet Late Shri.Vayalar RamaVarma and Bishop Manguzhikkary were his classmates here), S.B.High School, Changanacherry (when Indian Independence was announced on August 15, 1947, he was a student here). During this time, the infamous"Punnapra-Vayalar Struggle happened and this incident had created a severe impact in his mind.
Later he did his college education from ,;Thevara, St.Albert's College;Eranakulam etc.During the college days itslf, he was very active in literary associations and socio-political activities.He was the College Union Chairman at St.Albert's College;Eranakulam and he was very good orator and his main hobby was "serious reading" especially the books on politics, socialism, history philosophy, religion etc. At the young age of 23 itself, he wrote and published a book "Muthalalitham Bharathathil" ( Capitalism in India).
When he was studiying at;Thevara, he became very close with the great writer of Kerala Late.Shri Vaikom Muhammed Basheer. His view points and approach towards life had inspired young Jose a lot in moulding the latter's personality.At very young stage itself, Shri.Jose was well aware about his mind's inclination towards the exploited mass of the society and his sensitiveness against injustice prevalent in the society.He always had a strong urge to react to any type of inequalities in he society. This quality attracted him towards the concepts of Socialism.

A Student of Socialism at Vardha Ashram

After the college days, he go selecetd to the Vardha Ashram to study "Gandian Philosophy and Socialism. There he has a great time under the able guidances of eminent personalities like Acharya Vinoba Bhave, Jayaprakash Narayan, Acharya Kripalani, Dr.RamManohar Lohia, acharya NarendraDev,Ashok Mehta etc,. Shri.Jayaprakash Narayan was like a Godfather to Shri.Jose and the former had always shown a very special care to young Jose and his interests.Shri.Jose had fellow students from all parts of India and thus he gathered a comprehensive outlook towards India and Indian social dynamics.

An Ardent Socialist

During Student days itself, he was an active member of the "Student Congress" and then later during the Vardha Ashram life, he became a part of the "Socialist group" in the Congress Party.This group later became Indian Socialist Party under the leadership of Shri.Jayaprakash Narayan.It later became the "Praja Socialist Party (PSP)" and Shri.Jose was assigned to work for the party in Kerala state and he became one of its top rank leaders in Kerala. In 1953-54 period, he was the district secretary and state committee member of PSP which was the then ruling party of the "Thiru-Kochi" Province. He was the editor of "Janata weekly" which was the official news medium of the party. During this time, Late.shri. Pattom A ThanuPillai of PSP was the chief minister. At this time, there happened the infamous "Marthandam Police Firing"and this created an ideological and political conflict between Shri.Jose and Shri. Pattom ThanuPillai and this led to a split in PSP on all India basis. Shri.Jose hence decided to quit from the "opportunistic party politics" because he was not ready to compromise with his principles.

Start of Family Life

He got married only after he quit the active politics. In 1955, he married Ms.Thankamma ( daughter of Mr.Thomas Kanacheril; Pulinkunnu and Mrs.Mariamma) because he believed that a full time political activist cannot do complete justice to family and vice versa .

Their daughter Mrs.Beena is now settled in United States with her family.

Social Work without Party Politics.

Quitting from the party politics did not diminish the "fire to work for the downtrodden" in him. He re-directed his energy and time to other social platforms where power politics is not necessary. In 1967-78 period, he was an active member of "Kerala Catholic Congress" and he worked as the State Treasurer, Gen.Secretary and Vice President etc of the Organization. This community based social work also did not satisfy his inner thirst for social justice. He felt that something is still lacking and he is not really reaching his desired goal of life.

An Amazing Experience

After he decided to get dissociated with Catholic Congress, he happened to read about Dr.Ambedkar, his life, his mission , his writings and his speeches (visit : ) This was a totally an amazing experience to him..!! He actually wondered why he couldn't get into this much earlier..!! He realized that he had at last found out what he was looking for all his life..!! He also realized that only Dr.Ambedkar has rightly touched the real problem of Indian society..!! He felt that all other philosophies and analyses of the so-called thinkers and social analysts are far from truth . Moreover, he could readily find out that there was an organized effort to hide Ambedkar and Ambedkarism from public eye.

Transformation to a True Ambedkarite

In 1983, Shri.Jose completely got dissociated with the Catholic congress and decided to dedicate the rest of his life for the cause of Dalits . Shri.N.K.Jose renounced all other philosophies and focussed on Ambedkarism and started learning the History of the original inhabitants of India (ie. Tribals,Dalits and backward communities). This gave him answer to various social puzzles he was facing so far. He found out who is exploited in India, how and why they became downtrodden, what was their past etc. He made thorough researches in India's History with an Ambedkarite approach and looked beyond the available 'Savarna History' and found out that the entire Indian History is available in a totally distorted and misleading manner and there is an organized effort is behind it. Most of the stark realities are hidden under "Myths"…!! He identified the need for "True history" which is lying hidden and decided to get fully engaged in this meaningful effort.

A Meaningful life.."Dalitbandhu"

Time did not betray him...The life long quest for truth has however finally given him an answer and enabled him to reach the correct track. His mind, time and energy is now fully dedicated to unveil the hidden History of the exploited , downtrodden real inhabitants of Indiaand he has already written more than 100 historical fact books ( which is a record in India ..!) and he is a living example to prove that age cannot calmdown the real fire in one's mind. The fruitful journey is still continuing in full pace and the Dalits masses have already taken him to their hearts as their own "Dalitbandhu" because his life is dedicated for their cause..and on September 14,1990 in a formal gathering of Kerala's Dalit Organizations at Kottayam, they have conferred this "Title of affection" to him as a mark of their love and respect to him.